More than a fortnight since Ian White's body was found in his Peace St home, police say they are unable to release any more details about his death.

Mr White, 58, was found dead on May 3 and police deemed the Rotorua man's death to be suspicious.

District field crime manager Detective Senior Sergeant Lew Warner told the Rotorua Daily Post the investigation into Mr White's death could go on for some weeks.

He said police were waiting for forensic results to come back. A pathologist had been working with a forensic team to determine the cause of death and this process could take up to three weeks or more, he said.


When asked specific questions, he said he could not give any more details of the case as that would be unfair to Mr White's family.

Sandra Bristowe, a neighbour and friend of Mr White's late mother, held a celebration for Mr White's life on Saturday after his family decided not to hold a funeral.

"I was absolutely thrilled, there were 11 people who came through and one of the people that came knew Ian really well from the musical side of things."

She said it was great to hear good stories about Mr White's life.

"It was a very uplifting time. I wanted it to be a celebration and it was. There were even some people that I didn't know come through.

"I was very encouraged and pleased to see Ian's life celebrated.

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1 Aug, 2017 12:30pm
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"We are still just waiting to see what the police find out."