About 150 Lynmore residents attended a public meeting last night to discuss concerns about noise coming from Lumbercube.

The meeting, held at Lynmore School, was called by the Eastside Residents Association.

An invitation went out to residents via a mail drop that said the meeting was to discuss how to "combat unacceptable noise levels".

The meeting also asked for residents to join the incorporated society which has been set up to deal with the situation.


The meeting asked people to tell them how the noise was affecting them, let them know if they wanted to be involved or had any special skills that could help fix the problem and asked for donations to help towards setting up the incorporated society.

Lynmore resident Stuart Burns, who attended last night's meeting, said those present were asked to donate $100 a family and no one objected to helping financially.

He said the meeting, which was chaired by the incorporated society's chairman Ra Daniels, went through what had happened so far.

"One of the guys they have got is doing his own noise analysis and is an expert in that area. He spoke really well in terms of updating the noise and the issues that are there."

Mr Burns said no one was objecting to the mill operating.

"From all of the people there, no one was saying shut the thing down. They accept there is a need for the business and a need for the employment.

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"But it's how can we co-habitat together. People were surprised that nothing has been heard from Lumbercube, it's all came from the council."

Mr Burns said people were frustrated it's taking so long to be heard despite there being more than 3000 noise complaints.

"General feeling is that council is paying lip service to it. Timelines keep going back and back."

Mr Burns said there were some "tense people" at the meeting who were feeling fed up but generally the meeting was well controlled and positive.

Deputy mayor and Lynmore resident Dave Donaldson said this morning the Rotorua Lakes Council was not asked to attend so he didn't go.

He said he had been asked to leave at the end of other meetings when they had wanted to make decisions so he decided it was best not to go unless he was invited