One hundred thousand tulip bulbs will be planted by Rotorua Lakes Council this month elevating the annual Tulip Festival to new heights.

Council is more than doubling what was planted for the last two festivals as support for the event continues to grow.

As a lead up to the inaugural festival in 2014, 40,000 bulbs were planted, with that number repeated last year.

The festival, held October 1-9, will be New Zealand's largest tulip festival.


Tulip Festival manager Brigitte Nelson said the planting footprint would be expanded this year.

"About 10,000 bulbs of varying colour will be planted on Hospital Hill and 20,000 around the new Children's Art House in the Government Gardens. The remaining 70,000 bulbs will be planted elsewhere throughout the iconic Government Gardens and the inner-city road reserves," she said.

Horticulturist from Rotorua Nursery Wendy Mason amongst the tulip bulbs. Photo/Supplied
Horticulturist from Rotorua Nursery Wendy Mason amongst the tulip bulbs. Photo/Supplied

Inner City Focus Group spokesperson Mike Steiner, who suggested the number of tulips be boosted, said it was hard not to feel sheer enthusiasm for the festival.

"It has been embraced whole-heartedly by the community. It gives pure pleasure to a wide variety of people - both locals, and the many visitors it attracts to the city."

"The displays will be magnificent. One hundred thousand is a magic, wow, number that will spark the interest of many - nationally too. Rotorua is stepping out and has so much going for it," he said.

Mr Steiner said the city boasts an increasingly enthusiastic, innovative and creative vibe and the festival was part of that.

Mrs Nelson said the festival had always been community-orientated and it was pleasing to again see the enthusiasm of retailers and members of the public.

"Many have plans to plant tulips at home, or in planters outside their stores," she said.

"The opportunity to enjoy the mass plantings in various localities will be but part of the festival. The past years' festival-associated offerings will be added to. Guest speakers, high tea, bus tours, children's art, and cake decorating are some of the many events planned."