The Kiwi Coffin Club Rotorua has had trouble with coffin deliveries over the last few months, but thanks to a local motorist they now have a suitable set of wheels.

Club organiser Katie Williams said the club used to have a campervan that delivered the coffins but two months ago the motor gave up.

"We have had them (coffins) strapped on little trailers and put in the back of utes. There have been times in delivering coffins that have not been appropriate."

Mrs Williams had been going around different car yards and motorists but she hadn't had much luck.


But just last week, Barry Grouby from Barry Grouby Motors, with the help of a former Rotorua councillor Geoff Kenny who now works at MTF Vehicle Finance in Wellington, donated a van big enough for all the coffin sizes the club delivers.

Club member Jo-Anne La Grouw said it was the best thing that could have happened to their club.

"We were desperate. It has been a godsend. It was totally unexpected and we were all brought to tears."

The Kiwi Coffin Club is around to help those who cannot afford to have funerals with unlimited costs. They invite people to make and decorate their own coffins.

Some of the members made and decorated their coffins a long time ago, some are in the middle of their project and some come along to plan and to do up their underground furniture.

The volunteers in the workshop make three coffins in a day with timber that is purchased in bulk and made into kitsets.

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20 Apr, 2016 11:30am
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