A challenging new adventure race is set to get women moving in Rotorua.

The inaugural Spirited Women all women adventure race from April 1 to 3 involves teams of four women completing either a short, medium or long course, with each including stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking, trekking, map navigation and mystery activities.

The long course also includes kayaking.

Race organiser and event director Neil Gellatly said the course was kept secret until just prior.


It would be entirely unknown to the women where the event would be, what order the disciplines were in and how many times they would be doing a discipline, Mr Gellatly said.

So far 103 teams had entered, with 412 women participating, he said.

"I just think we need to see more women participate in all types of events."

Spirited Women has been marketed as a weekend away package, with yoga classes, hot pools, a buffet breakfast and a gift pack included in the entry.

"It is a great opportunity for girlfriends to get together and have a girl's weekend."

Mr Gellatly said teams also needed a support crew to travel ahead and ensure they had what they needed.

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"We believe social events are important for getting people out and doing exercise."

Erin Billing, captain of a Rotorua team taking part, said a couple of her team had joined the Lake City Athletic Club marathon clinics.

Two or three at a time had also been mountain biking, running, going on long distance hikes and been out on the lake paddle boarding, she said.

"It encourages you to get out there and try different sports."

Rotorua's Megan Hammond is also part of a local team taking part. She said it would be something to get them all together and give them a bit of a challenge.

Originally none of her team had tried stand-up paddle boarding before, but had been out practising, she said.

Mrs Hammond said they had also been going on bike rides and hiking.

"I'm looking forward to us working as a team and supporting each other."

- For more information visit www.spiritedwomen.co.nz.