The Labour Party's ecomonic plan will greatly benefit Rotorua and bring more jobs to the region, its finance spokesman says.

Yesterday Labour deputy leader and finance spokesman David Parker was in Rotorua to discuss the party's Ecomonic Upgrade plan and what it meant for those in the district.

Dozens of people turned out to the event at the Labour lounge in central Rotorua, with speeches from Mr Parker, along with Rotorua candidate Tamati Coffey, Waiariki candidate Rawiri Waititi and education spokesperson Chris Hipkins.

Mr Parker said Labour had wonderful policies that would change New Zealand, and Rotorua, for the better.


One policy included supporting and investing in industries like forestry, a major industry in the Rotorua district.

Mr Parker said he wanted to see more trees and logs processed locally, rather than being sent overseas to be processed there, which would create more jobs and strengthen the economy here.

"I think our economic plan, which invests in industries like forestry, and creates jobs, will be very beneficial to Rotorua."

Other aims included introducing a Capital Gains Tax, increasing the minimum wage by about $2 and slashing power prices to allow people to save an average of about $300 off their electricity bill a year, he said.

Mr Parker said an innovative, growing economy was vital for New Zealand.

Getting people into work and addressing unemployment was important as well as tightening the gap between the haves and have nots.

"The gaps are widening between the rich and the poor. This needs to change," he said.