What does the Government need to do to help ease the mental health crisis?

They need to start investing a bit more money into mental health services. Being able to provide those services either for free, or affordable, or making them easily accessible to some of the most vulnerable people who actually need it is a priority.
Mike Wootton, 34
Matipo Heights

We need to address it from a really young age and start that mental health. We need to teach in schools about dealing with life issues, especially nowadays with technology as it is.
Sarah Pearson, 48
Lake Rotoma

They need qualified staff to support the programmes and more funding. Simple as that.
Les Wills, mid 60


The Government does need to put in a lot more energy. More money for a start and more education. Getting advice from the experts who have more of an idea, who work in that field and know what to do.
Stacey Anne Rogers, 58
Fairy Springs

7 Dec, 2018 2:42pm
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8 Dec, 2018 9:16am
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