Kia Ora! This week is Māori Language Week and I feel like I should be at a "rubbish at te reo" support group.

I'd start with something like, "Gidday, my name is Megan, I've been trying to speak te reo for 40-odd years now, and my family and co-host have sent me here because I am useless".

I can hold a conversation in NZ Sign Language, as my brother in law is profoundly deaf, and I've even managed to navigate my way around Europe with a multitude of languages to contend with, but when it comes to our native language I'm the first to put my hand up and say I'm sadly lacking.

I grew up in the 80s in rural Mid Canterbury where we weren't exposed to the language very much.


Temuka and Timaru were close by and we got our water from the Rangitata and Rākaia rivers but we were certainly never taught the correct way to pronounce their names.

When my favourite song from the 80s, Poi E, came on the radio, I had to mumble my way through the lyrics and hope no one noticed.

And as for singing our national anthem in Māori, let's just say thank goodness I've never represented our country on a national level and had to perform that in public!

But I guess it's now as a broadcaster that I feel very embarrassed that I don't have a full grasp on it, in fact my children are more fluent.

To make matters worse, my ineptitude was highlighted by my co-host Adam the other day when we were recording an ad for the Mapgies' upcoming games and he asked me in all seriousness if I would be okay trying to say Counties Manukau.

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So this week I'm endeavouring to use the language a little more and to not be embarrassed about how I say it and just say it! Can I get a "Ka pai rā tēnei mahi"? I hope you give it a go, too.

By the way, for everyone following us on my Vita Diet weight loss journey. thanks to Marewa Pharmacy my puku is getting smaller but I have had to cut out the kumara, so there's a downside to everything.


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