When you start the day with a wet bum you know things can only get better. When you end the day with wet feet you know it's time to give up.

The wild weather in Hawke's Bay this week has highlighted a few things about my personality that probably everyone around me has known for a long time . . . I don't cope well in the elements.

Some people love storms and wild weather. They love the exhilaration of rugging up warm and getting out there and enjoying Mother Nature. Despite being a farmer's daughter, or maybe because of it, I am not one of those people. Wind and rain make me crabby.

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I was born in December, so I like to think I'm seasonally inclined to be at my optimum best in summer. Not my optimum best body, of course, those days are long gone, but my optimum best self, living my "best life". Happy, tanned and slightly less bloated due to the increase of lettuce and decrease of pasta!

So, when Hawke's Bay rolled out the red storm carpet this week I was ill prepared both physically and mentally. I hadn't battened down the hatches, I hadn't bought a waterproof coat and I hadn't checked whether my 3-year-old had closed his car door properly the night before.

The discovery on a wet and windy early Tuesday morning that he hadn't, was the beginning of the end. His door was wide open and had been all night so not only was his car seat saturated but so was the driver's seat . . . hence my wet bum.

To add insult to injury, or to a wet bottom, on The Hits radio show yesterday Adam and I battled the elements with power outages, and the internet down . . . do you know how hard it is to do a radio show these days without Google?

And to top it off after going out at night in the dark, I stepped in a puddle right up to the middle and never went there again.

So, I'm hanging out for the weekend when I, and no doubt the rest of the Bay, will be happy campers again.

I'm looking forward to officiating at a beautiful wedding in Poukawa where love will be in the air, as will a balmy 18C. The only umbrellas we'll need will be to keep the sun off our smiling faces. Hope the car has dried out by then!

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