Hi everyone, let me introduce myself.

I'm Megan, first-time columnist and long-time reader. I'm also filling in for Sarah on The Hits while she takes maternity leave after having baby Josh.

Like Sarah, I feel as exhausted as a new mum but I don't have a bundle of joy to show for it.

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I'm existing on not much sleep, waking every hour during the night and doing mental calculations in my head on how much longer I have to lay between my warm cosy sheets before the alarm goes off at 4.30am.

Unlike Sarah, though, I don't have to feed and comfort a tiny human in the small wee hours.


At the moment I'm just feeding myself from the fridge at midnight and trying to reach around to rub my own back and tell myself to go back to sleep.

You see I'm out of practice at keeping these morning radio show hours after having 12 months off, yet I lived like this for quite a few years.

In fact, my two young boys have never really known mum to be at home in the mornings, so when I was, all of sudden the harsh reality of how hard mornings at home can be came crashing down!

So despite the fact the alarm is on, the nerves are frayed, the extra coffee gives me the jitters and I have trouble remembering my own name, I know I still have the easy end of the bargain in our house.

I just have to sit and laugh at Adam's dad jokes each morning, catch up on what the Kardashians are doing and drink my coffee at my leisure. Sometimes I even get to have two cups!

That's only ever a dream when you're at home in the mornings.

Therefore I am declaring new found respect for my partner in crime, Ben, and all of the other parents whose job it is to get little people where they need to go each day.

I won't nag him because the beds haven't been made or if there's still crumbs on the bench when I get home from work, because at least I didn't have to make those sandwiches, and that in itself is worth getting up at stupid o'clock for.

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