Almost two weeks ago I purchased return flights from Hawke's Bay to Christchurch to attend a friend's wedding.

Born and raised in Canterbury, the Hawke's Bay to Christchurch route is one I have flown a few times each year since my arrival in the Bay.

While booking, lodged firmly in my mind were the numerous letters to the editor penned by Hastings District Councillor Simon Nixon which have been published in this paper.

For so long, Cr Nixon has railed against the stranglehold Air New Zealand has over Hawke's Bay's flights and their subsequent prices.


And for so long, these protests have fallen on deaf ears.

Though one must wonder if our community leaders are deaf, or whether they hear selectively?

Fixing the exorbitant prices the ratepayers and voters of this region are charged when flying to and from their home appears to be a political task too daunting for any to tackle.

Until there is the collective pressure from this region's leaders, there is unlikely to be change.

Don't get me wrong - I do not think there is an easy solution, nor can I offer one.

But I was not voted into my job to represent the best interests of the people of Hawke's Bay.

My flights were booked more than one month in advance. They cost $300 return.