A_HBT14461405.JPG Napier's city-wide water restrictions have been lifted by Napier City Council. Photo / Paul Taylor

Napier City Council's city-wide water restrictions have been lifted.

Council's director of infrastructure Jon Kingsford said the cooler weather was the reason behind the lifting.

"With the warmer weather now behind us, residents are free to use their sprinklers and hoses without restrictions," he said.


"Fortunately, we didn't get to the point where we had to impose a total sprinkler and hose ban."

The city's water restrictions began back in November.

Kingsford said he was grateful to all Napier residents who complied with the restrictions during the summer months.

"It helped ensure the city maintained an adequate supply of water during the hot weather.

"Every small action to conserve water makes a difference. Despite the restrictions now being lifted, I ask the community to continue to use water sensibly."

Council's level one water restriction asks for voluntary action to conserve water and discretionary use, such as the use of sprinklers. Washing cars is also now permitted.