Dannevirke Police say community spirit appears to be alive and well in the town.

Sergeant Gary McKernon said police have not had any issues to deal with as yet as people were being respectful of each other.

"All of our patrols that are out and about at the moment have been for reassurance," he said.

On Sunday police were at Dannevirke New World as some consideration is being given to moving some of the CCTV cameras around in High St to cover New World so officers were assessing the site.


The one issue that had arisen was with people driving around town unnecessarily.

All non-essential travel should cease. You can travel to access essential services.

"If Tararua District Council has a service operating then it is deemed essential so you can travel to access it.

"Disposing of waste would be essential because of the potential for a health hazard and so recycling could be done at the same time as it's in the same location.

"However, if your sole purpose is recycling glass that could otherwise sit in a garage without causing a health hazard then I would ask people to reconsider making a trip to the transfer station.

"Remember, this isn't about pushing the boundaries and seeing how much we can get away with, this is about saving lives so some common sense needs to be applied."

In the meantime McKernon advised people to keep themselves safe.