Hawke's Bay's rescue helicopter was involved in nine rescue missions in a week, including helping two pig hunters in a tight spot in a remote area in Hawke's Bay.

Hawke's Bay Rescue Helicopter Trust general manager Ian Wilmot said on Sunday about 10am the Lowe Corporation chopper was sent to search the Mohaka River for a pig hunter, who had fallen and suffered a head injury.

Crews searched the lower stretches of the Mohaka River, from the river mouth then back upstream, and then further up the further up the river near the viaduct bridge on State Highway 2.

The pig hunters were eventually found in a location inaccessible by foot, just upstream from the viaduct.


Two men, aged in their 20s, were assessed by a paramedic.

One had sustained a minor injury and was wet and cold, while the second person was uninjured.

"Once lifted from the inaccessible location and delivered to dry and higher ground no further medical treatment, or transport, was required."

As the helicopter left the scene, without the patients, it was then tasked to attend a rescue mission concerning a motorcycle accident.

"Upon the completion of the previous rescue of the pig hunters the helicopter was tasked to a forestry area near Rangitikei to a motorbike rider aged in his 20s, suffering a fractured femur.

"The motorbike rider was flown to Rotorua Hospital."

The seven other missions involved people with medical issues including flying to Wairoa Hospital with DHB flight team to retrieve a male patient, aged in his 80s, with a cardiac issue – he was flown to Hawke's Bay District Hospital for further treatment.