It's time for furs and fabulous dresses in Napier, as Winter Art Deco rolls into town, in a classic car of course.

The festival, a smaller, boutique version of it's summer counterpart, is a chance for deco diehard to utilise their winter get ups.

Art Deco Trust relationships manager, Vicky Rope, said on Friday people could already be seen around Napier in their Deco get-up.

"There is certainly a buzz around town already.


"They are certainly arriving into town in their cars and their attire ready for a big weekend."

Winter Art Deco officially kicked off on Friday night with the Opening Soiree, held in the Daily Telegraph building, although there were vintage dance classes held on Friday afternoon.

There was also the Dazzle Ball, a first for the festival, which was held on Friday Night and the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre.

Another highlight, Rope said, would be the fashion flaunt, happening on Saturday in Market Street between 1pm and 2pm.

"The New Zealand Defence Force Jazz Orchestra are actually doing a pop-up performance before the fashion flaunt.

"That's a great event for people to come out in their winter deco gear if they want to, put their furs on and things and come out and have a look at the fashion."