A former Hastings doctor jailed for sexually assaulting and stupefying his patients is continuing to deny his offending.

David Kang Huat Lim, 44, was due to appear before the Parole Board in late February but refused.

He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 after he was found guilty of a range of offences including assaults and stupefying a patient at his Hastings clinic.

He became eligible for parole in February. His statutory release date is June, 2022.


According to the judge's notes, Lim used his medical knowledge to take advantage of four of his male patients.

"Mr Lim remains in denial of the offending and that has meant that progress on rehabilitation has been problematic. He has been seen by a psychologist on three occasions in March and April 2018 and throughout those continually denied offending.

The recommendation of Psychological Services is that should he accept responsibility
for offending he could be then referred for a more in-depth psychological treatment to address his sexual offending," the report said.

The psychologist also asked why his three victims would come forward and accuse him of indecent assault. He said they had become "paranoid" about his sexuality.

The board received information that Lim's family were fully aware of his offending and had support for him back in Malaysia.

The psychologist said the board had to assess Lim's risk to the community and said it was likely that he would be deported.

"That risk remains undue until the situation is changed with his acceptance of responsibility and at least some attempts of rehabilitation made."

Lim's parole was declined with his next appearance scheduled for February 2020.

"Should Mr Lim change his position regarding acceptance and responsibilities and be prepared to engage in appropriate rehabilitative activity, the option of an application to bring the next hearing date forward could be entertained."