Three board members of the Cranford Hospice Trust, including board chairwoman Hayley Anderson, have resigned.

Cranford Hospice CEO Janice Byford-Jones says the resignation of three high profile board members - Anderson, Lindsay Knowles and Roydon Day - is a "sheer coincidence".

"There is no hidden agenda," Jones said.

"It was just a sheer coincidence that we had three members stepping down all around the same time."


According to Jones, each member had already expressed a desire to step down long before an announcement was made.

"Lindsay and Roydon both notified us of their desire to resign end of last year, because they both have separate business ventures they want to pursue.

"And Hayley had thought about stepping down from the chair position for a while and now she will take another role with our operational team," Jones said.

Acting Chair Frane Rosandich expressed his congratulations to his predecessor and other two members in a statement.

"Hayley joined Cranford Hospice in 2010 and will be sorely missed at a governance level. She has taken the opportunity to join the staff and work with the operational team," Rosandich said.

"We acknowledge the leadership, commitment and support that Hayley, Lindsay and Roydon provided to Cranford Hospice over the years, and we are honoured to consider them all as part of our whanau."

All three members were part of the governing board that transitioned the Hospice from being part of Presbyterian Support East Coast, through to becoming an independent organisation, The Cranford Hospice Trust.

The three new appointments to the board are Garth Cowie, Helen Walker and Pat Turley.


These members will join the current Cranford Hospice Trust Board of John Buck (Patron), Frane Rosandich (Acting Chair), Tim Bevin, Julie Russell, Andrea Jopling and Richard Brown.