Locals who have taken it into their own hands to get people to slow down on a tricky Napier bend may soon get some council back-up.

"Ho ho ho, slow slow slow," reads the makeshift sign on a sharp bend of Te Awa Ave, next to the Maraenui Golf Club.

It's the latest in a number of slowing techniques tried by nearby residents over the years, including one who a few years back made a fake speed camera for the corner out of a box.

The road is a 70km/h area, with residential housing on one side and the golf club on the other. It is recommended people take the bend at 55km/h.

Barry Sklenars says the area is a problem, but does not want to see the road become 50km/h. Photo / Paul Taylor
Barry Sklenars says the area is a problem, but does not want to see the road become 50km/h. Photo / Paul Taylor

Te Awa Ave resident Barry Sklenars said there were often crashes in the area, although he thought the number had decreased over the past year.

He said he had seen cars flipped upside down in the ditch after coming round the corner too fast.

"It is a problem area."

Napier City Council's transportation team leader Robin Malley said the council was currently reviewing the speed limit bylaw in the area, and one of the proposed changes was reducing the speed on Te Awa Ave to 50kmh.

"Council has received strong support from the Te Awa community for this proposal."

Malley said the last crash to occur at the curves, which was reported to police, was in 2013, although they were aware of other minor crashes which had not been reported to police.

There had been five reported crashes on the curves since 2008.

He said council was working on a design to improve the alignment of the curves.

A resident who did not wish to be named said he would like to see speed bumps put on both sides of the bend, to make people slow down.

"Not just one set of speed bumps, but two."

He said he often saw people "sling-shot" around the corner and almost slide into and up his driveway.

He thought it had happened about six times in the five years he had lived on the road.

"[The speed limit] should be 50km/h, there's no two ways about it."

But Sklenars said, despite the problems, he did not want to see the speed limit reduced to 50km/h, as it would take too long to get into Napier's CBD.

"I don't mind it being 60km/h, but 50km/h is just too slow.

"I'm quite happy at 70km/h actually."

Eastern Police district road policing manager Matt Broderick said it was not an area of road the police were currently focusing on.