I don't know about you, but I have found myself getting into such a bad habit with my phone.

As soon as I have any downtime, I check it. Facebook and Instagram are my "go-tos" for wasting away my evenings, which then leads to feeling too wired to go to sleep when finally I put my phone down.

I've even been known to put my phone down beside my bed, toss and turn for 20 minutes while the effects of withdrawal hit my brain and then reach for it and start scrolling again at midnight!!

As the band Chicago sang, "It's a hard habit to break".


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So when my co-host Adam suggested taking up a new hobby to keep my hands busy, with all of the enthusiasm of someone that didn't' know any better, I said yes!

Then Maree from Skeinz rang in to the show with the idea of crocheting a baby blanket made up of "granny squares" for Sarah's little boy, Josh.

This meant Adam was now in the crochet "loop" as it was going to be a blanket we both made.

Adam preferred to up his screen time and learn how to crochet on YouTube, with limited success I have to add.

I, however, had a couple of real-life lessons with Maree.

To her credit, she has the patience of a saint which was probably tested when she said, "Right, the first thing you have to do is tie a slip knot on your crochet hook".

I didn't know how to do a slip knot and still have to YouTube it every time I start to crochet.


They say learning a new skill is good for the brain, but I have never felt so unco-ordinated and stupid at the same time.

The emotions range from elation when I crochet a corner on my granny square to sheer frustration when I have to unpick it and start again because I've treble crocheted into the wrong hole.

But, like social media, it is addictive and a great time waster, and if you have some time on your hands to help us make some baby blankets then please drop your granny square off to us at the studio in Napier, or Skeinz in Onekawa.

I'll even allow you some time on Facebook to check out our page with all of the details, just search The Hits Hawkes Bay, or you could some YouTube time to teach yourself to crochet ... treble crochet three, chain two!

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