Who remembers those first precious first weeks with the first born child, those incredible moments after bringing a child into the world for the very first time, a union of two people joining together to make a beautiful new life?

No one, that's who. Because those first few weeks become somewhat of a blur once the endorphins of that magical moment of birth wear off.

New challenges arise that you've never experienced, like how to operate on one hour of sleep a night. How to fit mealtimes in to whatever available slot you have in your day, even if it's 11.30pm, and what to do when somebody urinates on you at 3am (always fun).

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The good news for us, was that once the immediate family help went back to living the lives they had carved out from going through those same adventures with us, the brand new parents, Plunket popped in to reassure us that everything was going well and that many had gone through just the same!

Like so many generations of Kiwis before us, we looked forward to those Plunket meetings to ask all the questions new parents have. Like can we damage baby's brain by touching the fontanelle, are they SUPPOSED to smell like that, and what does that weird snuffling sound mean?

The Plunket nurse would look on, and even though my questions were probably the daftest she had heard that week, would hand me the answers I needed to make sure I could handle the times when it was just the new mum and I, and the bundle of joy and confusion we had brought into the world.

There is no guidebook for YOUR baby.

There are plenty of books, and plenty to read, and a tremendous amount of advice coming in from all angles. But the truth is that every child is different! Some sleep through, some not at all, some are big and some are small, your baby may be strong and rough, and sometimes may not eat enough, the nappies can be full and wet, and there are things you will forget… oh yeah occasionally after having a few kids you may even slip in children's book rhyming schemes!

The one constant for Kiwis is that Plunket will be there to help, and that's why at The Hits we are raising a bundle as we Pledge for Plunket 2018. Please, txt hits to 2448 and make a $3 donation to help today!

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