Hastings man Beaudene Justin Bliss has admitted to photographing the private parts of a local child as well as possessing and distributing child pornography.

The 37-year-old appeared in the Hastings District Court yesterday charged with one representative charge of possessing objectionable publications, five charges of distributing such publications, making an intimate visual recording and indecently assaulting a female under 12.

He also faced two charges each of possession of an offensive weapon and possession of a pipe and utensil for smoking cannabis.

At an appearance last month he pleaded guilty to making an intimate visual recording of a child in Hastings and the two drug-related charges.


His defence lawyer, Paul Chambers, had indicated he would plead not guilty to the remaining charges but guilty pleas were entered before Judge Geoff Rea yesterday.

Bliss was living out of his car on May 7 last year when he approached two children, both under 12 years old, who were playing outside their home address in Hastings.

He asked them where a shop was and they took him to one around the corner before the pair went on to a nearby school.

The defendant followed the children and offered them money if the female child pulled down her pants. The offer was refused.

Her pants and underwear were ultimately removed and Bliss took photographs of their private parts, gave the children money and then left.

Police located him several weeks later, parked in a kindergarten carpark, and searched his vehicle.

A large hunting knife and a handled filleting style knife were found in each front door pocket of the vehicle, along with a glass pipe and cannabis bong.

Police also seized a life-size, pre-pubescent latex sex doll, a laptop and an Apple iPhone, fitting the description of the one used by the defendant to take photographs of the complainant.

Analysis of the defendant's electronic devices found 17,137 photographs and videos depicting objectionable child exploitation material; including 11 photographs of the complainant's exposed privates.

A sample of 23 electronic files in his possession were extracted for classification, eight of which were classed as Category A based on the UK Sentencing Guidelines 2014.

It was also revealed that the defendant had shared five objectionable publications via Skype to another account on January 23, 2017.

Yesterday Judge Rea convicted Bliss and remanded him in custody to appear on February 28 for sentencing.

The maximum penalty for possessing an objectionable publication is 10 years' imprisonment or a $50,000 fine and for distributing the maximum penalty is 14 years' imprisonment.