The hunter who allegedly killed a young soldier in the Ruahine Range has now been charged with shooting and injuring another man.

Gary McCurrach has been charged with careless use of a 308 rifle, causing the death of 23-year-old Danny Jordan on March 31.

The 58-year-old Hastings man is now facing two more charges in the Hastings District Court, including careless use of a firearm causing injury to another man, and unlawful hunting, court documents show. Police allege McCurrach shot and killed Mr Jordan, a soldier based at Linton Military Camp, while he was sitting down in open bush. Mr Jordan was resting with two friends on the Sparrowhawk bivouac track when he was allegedly shot by the experienced hunter, who was in a separate hunting group. A dog was also allegedly hit by fragments of bullets.

McCurrach is due to appear again in the Hastings District Court at the end of this month.


-Following Mr Jordan's death, The New Zealand Defence Force released a statement on behalf of his family. They said they were comforted by the love and support shown to them after the incident and thanked Mr Jordan's two mates, who dealt with his passing as a result of the hunting accident.

"Our Danny lived life to the full, never a dull moment. From fishing, diving, work, friends, family, and his passion of hunting."

Mr Jordan grew up in Waiuku and his life was celebrated there.

"Danny was a loving, lovable and respectful young man who gave to so many in so many different ways. We are feeling all the love that Danny had given to so many, which is now being returned to us and we are eternally grateful."

Close friend Scott Illemann described him as an "amazing guy with a heart of gold" who had a love for the outdoors and always had a smile on his face.