THERE ARE no "quick fixes" for Westshore's erosion problem with Napier Mayor Bill Dalton saying the council was working on a long-term solution.

Mr Dalton said he imagined there had been talk about the problems Westshore Beach had been facing since the 1980s.

"But the problem is not going away," he said.

"And the problem is that from the good old days there is no longer the nourishment getting to the southern end of Westshore."


Mr Dalton said the council had recently received expert opinion on the problem and they were currently looking at all sorts of possibilities.

"We have been told very much by the experts that we shouldn't rush in to try quick fixes," he said.

"So we are looking at all options and that is everything from continuing the re-nourishment, which we will continue to do any way, but [we will] also look at the possibility of hard engineering."

He said the council was looking at the erosion problems through the joint Costal Hazard Committee.

Other committee members include representatives from Hastings council, the regional council, the Maungaharuru-Tangit Trust, the Mana Ahuriri Inc and the He Toa Takitini.

Mr Dalton said they were working with the engineers and would be making a decision on what the next step is with Westshore.

"We have been advised strongly by the engineers that you don't go into knee-jerk quick fixes that there will be a long-term solution," he said.

"And, who knows, in the end it might be a hard engineering solution.

"It is something that we are conscious of and that we are looking at but we are certainly taking advice from the best engineers we can find."

The Coastal Hazard Committee is working on a strategic long-term strategy for managing coastal hazards between Clifton and Tangoio is being developed

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