The New Zealand Transport Agency says it doesn't consider steel barriers at the State Highway 2 approach to Napier will increase dangers on a road where safety steps are being taken because of the number of serious crashes in the area.

A spokesman said that while "W Section" steel barriers deflect vehicles, the "short" section with the barriers is in a 50km/h zone "and we do not consider it to be a risk".

The steel barriers have been installed alongside the pump track on the beach reserve next to the SH2-Marine Parade-Ellison St intersection, but wire rope barriers are being installed between the highway and Norfolk pines close to the road.

"One of the main advantages of Wire Rope Barrier (WRB) is that in contrast to other barrier types they essentially absorb the energy of the vehicles which hit them and do not deflect the vehicles away from the barrier," the spokesman said.


"Generally vehicles do not lose control when they hit a WRB."