Cold temperatures are expected to bite down on the region this week, with a high chance of frost and snow down to 500 metres.

MetService meteorologist Liz Walsh said while northwesterly flows brought mild temperatures to the region last week, wintry weather was on the way and temperatures were expected to drop noticeably from Wednesday onwards.

Scattered rain was expected today and for much of the week.

Tomorrow would be mainly fine with showers spreading from the ranges in the evening.


Showers would persist through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Daytime highs would fall to 13C on Wednesday and 11C on Thursday, with overnight lows of 1 to 2C.

The low temperatures would bring a chance of frosts and snow on the ranges.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we see snow on the Ruahines later this week." forecaster Aaron Wilkinson said snow flurries were expected on the ranges down to 600 metres on Thursday and down to 500 metres on Friday.

Mr Wilkinson said there was a particularly high chance of frost on Friday night due to an absence of wind.