Overflowing rubbish bins are likely to be a thing of the past for Mount Maunganui thanks to new smart bins.

Ten new 'smart technology' waste and recycling bins were installed at Mount Maunganui today to help tackle overflowing litter bins in the lead up to the busy summer period.

The bins were supplied to the Tauranga City Council through the Litter Less Recycle More Project developed by the Packaging Forum in partnership with Be A Tidy Kiwi.

The Council has installed bins at litter hot spots around Mount Maunganui before visitor numbers peak over the upcoming months.


Tauranga City Council's acting manager for resource recovery and waste, Cathy Davidson, said the smart bins have sensors which send data to waste contractors when they are full.

"This data allows the contractors to optimise their collection routes and frequency depending on actual need. So they won't be making unnecessary trips if the bins are empty and conversely can make more frequent trips if the bins are full.

"This will minimise the impacts of overflowing bins on our environment and maximise transportation and collection efficiencies for our contractors."

Davidson said these are the first public place recycling bins that have been installed in Tauranga.

"We will also be using the data to ascertain demand, quantities, and contamination rates that will help with future decisions about requirements for public place recycling," she said.

The smart bins were installed in ten locations with high seasonal foot traffic, including Mount Main Beach, Pilot Bay, Coronation Park and Mount Drury.

The Council will have 'recycling ambassadors' at peak times from mid-December to educate residents, cruise ship passengers and other summer tourists about the rubbish and recycling bins and what can be placed in them.

A nationwide advertising campaign to encourage people to 'put littler in its place' is also running to raise awareness of better rubbish disposal.

"We hope the combination of community advertising, face to face engagement and bins with smart technology will mean the streets of Mount Maunganui will see a lot less this year," Davidson said.