After much public demand over the whereabouts and condition of the Eternal Flame and Roll of Honour plaques removed from Napier Conference Centre, Napier City Council will supply a photo today.

Napier City Council communications and marketing manager Fiona Fraser said an image of the memorials will be provided to Hawke's Bay Today.

Yesterday's paper led with a story on widespread concern about the two war memorial features taken from the former Napier War Memorial Conference Centre, after their current whereabouts were not initially divulged.

Also removed were the words "War Memorial" from the building's name, which the council said was because the purpose of the building was commercial and a new location would be found for the memorials.

The hall, built in 1956 from community fundraising to commemorate those who laid down their lives in World War II, was first called the War Memorial Hall. It was renovated and enlarged by the Napier City Council in 1995 and renamed the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre.

Because Napier's inscription of World War I losses was destroyed in the 1931 earthquake, those names were added to the World War II list of lives lost. Another plaque recorded those who died in the post-World War II conflicts.

Ms Fraser said the flame was being kept alight at the council's Onekawa service depot adjoining the council dog pound.

Requests from Hawke's Bay Today to photograph the two items were declined.

"We are taking great care of the flame, however we are restricting access to it until a new permanent home is found," Ms Fraser said.

"It is being checked on a daily basis to ensure it continues to burn bright."

A request for a supplied photo was also declined, because the council "did not have a suitable photo".

Yesterday council chief executive Wayne Jack said the flame was in a covered area but he was unsure of the nature of the building because he had "only seen a photo of it".

Ms Fraser had also not seen the flame at the depot but said it was "definitely lit" after being installed by a qualified gas fitter and in a secure area.

Council had "decided to pass on the opportunity" for Hawke's Bay Today to take a photo because staff were "in and out" and the council's photographer would take a photo today.

A "project working group" would meet next on July 12, she said.

Napier mayor Bill Dalton is overseas and could not be reached for comment.