Yes, I'm an occasional columnist, of questionable repute, but I'm always a human being who is entitled to voice my own opinion in other forums.

A right I use, albeit occasionally. A right that, in sheer outrage, I felt forced to voice on the NZH Facebook page when I read of the latest bullshit story circulating about Madeleine McCann.

This supposedly missing girl has become nothing but a lucrative business.
In truth, well, my truth, she always was one. A money spinner.

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Her pretty, innocent face, with those distinctive doe eyes. It didn't hurt, either, that she was white and came from the "ideal" perfect family.

You know the one, where their serial killer relative, with no police record, was just faultless and the most unsuspecting, intelligent person in the world.
Hmm ... sounds like Ted Bundy.

We were captivated from day one ... but 4000 or so days later, I'm just gonna jump right in and say I'm over it. Enough is enough.

Next please. #yawn

What idiots keep buying into this crap, apart from the British government which continues to fund the search with hard-earned taxpayer money.

No surprises there really, most governments are more than happy to spend big on anything they think will gain them favour in the public eye.

It's nauseating - pass me the antihistamine, which ironically is what I believe caused the death of Madeleine McCann.

Accidental maybe, but fatal nevertheless and all because, IMO, the entitled parents felt it was their right to dose their kids with the stuff so they could enjoy nights out on the piss with friends - staggering in occasionally to check they were still doped up enough.


Such was their concern, they were all too happy to leave the task to other adults in their "private party" while they continued to quaff on fine food and booze.

No Prince Charming in sight for this heavily medicated Sleeping Beauty, just inebriated adults popping in every half or so to check that the little buggers were still asleep in their beds.

And I voiced as much on the NZH Facebook page.

It's clear that, personally, I think she's long gone, dead.
For God's sake just own it.

The mother publishing a book and making mention of Maddy's perfect vagina just isn't endearing, let alone normal but the potential earnings from the book are almost as perfect.

As a true crime buff of more than 35 years, I've studied this case from day one and prided myself in researching it, beyond what MSM would have me believe.

I've seen live videotaped footage of the best cadaver dogs in the world, at the time, alerting on two locations in the holiday apartment before alerting on the car, dogs with a 100 per cent strike rate ... until this case.

The dogs' findings, however, were buried better than a bone!
Facts such as these were not conducive to gathering millions of pounds in public and state-funded donations.

I've also seen documented evidence that shows every person the McCann's hired, at great expense, was either bent, a crook or a swindling opportunist prepared to perpetuate the lie that Maddy was abducted.

What predatory child abductor is going to leave behind two even younger kids and just happen to time the kidnapping to the short window between alleged adult checks?
Honestly, we should be insulted that, all these years later, we were assumed dumb enough to swallow this BS.

The hopeful and gullible may have had their doubts in the beginning but this case stank like a dirty diaper from day one.

Many of us picked up on it, just like the dogs did.

That instinctual feeling that we're constantly being told not to ignore because it's usually right.

This story needs to be put to bed, just like Maddy was.

A poor innocent girl caught up in an eternal nightmare and desperately in search of some peace.

And supposing my theory is wrong, explain to me why her disappearance is more relevant and deserving of resources than any other of the thousands of missing kids in the world.

Hit me up for a link to an independent, 4-hour documentary on the case: