Slip Into A Pair Of Easy-To-Wear Mules

Have a blister-free spring with these great shoes.

When it comes to a seasonal shoe of choice, there’s an array of easy mules to slide your feet into. Open-toe mules encourage you to get a little vitamin D on your feet, which is an essential part of embracing seasonal change. As the days get longer, what better way

It might be local footwear brand Bronwyn’s cream-coloured mules that work particularly well with fresh jeans, or for something left-of-centre, a pair of moc-croc Western-styled mules from Deadly Ponies, the local leather brand branching out into more adventurous terrain with this style.

Of course, for an open-toe season, a little TLC is all that’s required when it comes to your feet, so choose a pair of open-toed mules that work best for you.

Mules compiled by Annabel Dickson.

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