Loft Skin Clinic’s NanoFusion By Elementals Review: A Skincare Alternative To Microneedling

By Julia Gessler
The NanoFusion pen by Elementals works to deliver targeted skincare.

Julia Gessler trials NanoFusion by Elementals, a non-invasive beauty treatment at Mount Eden’s Loft Skin Clinic.

The Promise

I’ll be the first to admit I’d prefer not to roll tiny needles over my face. So when the opportunity to try an alternative cropped up, I jumped.

NanoFusion by Elementals is

It’s done with a pen-like tool that looks like a wand fit for space, said to contain “microscopic medical-grade silicone pyramids” — each smaller than a microneedle, or a blade of hair — which allow the device to create microchannels in the skin’s epidermis without causing irritation. These nano-scale channels are supposed to stay open for 10-20 minutes, increasing the absorption and efficacy of serums applied during this period.

The targeted, customisable skincare treatment, which is said to be safe for all skin types, aims to deliver immediate and long-term benefits depending on your skin concerns, from improving skin texture to imparting a glossy-doughnut glow, to fading pigmentation and mitigating acne and fine lines.

The Practice

I’m lying under a bundle of warm blankets. A dried floral arrangement hangs above my swaddled body like a mobile.

Lisa has listened to my skin concerns during our initial consultation — cystic acne, particularly on my chin, and dullness — so we agreed on a clarifying and brightening treatment that begins with a cleanse. Her hands gently lather away the makeup I came in with, before a warm cloth is gently applied.

Next, it’s a liquid enzyme exfoliant from Elementals, followed by a hydrating serum from the brand containing hyaluronic acid. Then, a gentle buzz as Lisa moves the NanoFusion pen in slow strokes across my face — along the chin, under the eyes, across the temples and forehead, repeat. To be sure, it’s entirely painless (no numbing cream required). All you hear is a soft, constant hum, a promise of something luminous or at the very least something better than what you walked in with.

The NanoFusion by Elementals treatment can result in a dewy, your-skin-but-better glow.
The NanoFusion by Elementals treatment can result in a dewy, your-skin-but-better glow.

A 15-minute sheet mask, a veritable trap for hydration, follows. Lisa uses a cold rose quartz roller, passing over my cheeks, to quell any heat (there’s a little). The final touches are sunscreen and a hint of tint.

She sends me away with verbal (and written) aftercare instructions: avoid makeup and heat (including excessive exercise, saunas and swimming pools) for 24 hours, don’t use active products for 48 hours, and wear a broad-spectrum SPF every day. Exfoliation, she says, is okay after three days.

The Place

Loft Skin Clinic, 414a Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland.

The Price

The NanoFusion by Elementals facial is priced at $250 for 45 minutes. A NanoFusion Power Peel, for 60 minutes, is priced at $315.

The Verdict

I could have gone back to the office after this treatment. I didn’t, having walked out flushed and warm and tight — as much a result of my sensitive skin as the procedure — but also relaxed (all of which lasted about an hour). The whole procedure was incredibly gentle, with results manifesting as a healthy, dewy peppiness that spilled into the following day.

I only had one treatment (it’s great for brides, or anyone, who wants immediate results) but certainly felt the effects after: the inflamed spot on my chin, my one constant, reduced in redness and healed quickly, and I haven’t had any crop up since (a small, potentially coincidental, hopefully enduring miracle).

While the number of recommended treatments varies from person to person, Lisa suggests a course of three as a starting point before transitioning into a maintenance plan — one I’d happily book in for as someone who aspires to be an industrious beauty user with a skincare programme.

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