Chloe Zara Hair Scalp Facial, Review: Is This The Secret To Glossy, Healthy Hair?

By Ashleigh Cometti
It’s high-time we started taking better care of our scalps. This new facial does exactly that. Photo / Chloe Zara Hair

There’s a new facial in town that’s geared towards your scalp. Beauty editor Ash Cometti tried it.

The promise

Created with the understanding that the skin on our scalp should be treated with the same level of care as that on our face, the new Chloe Zara Hair Scalp Facial

The treatment, which twins two of Chloe’s most-loved products from her eponymous haircare range (plus the Everyday Comb), is designed to help regulate cell turnover, reduce inflammation, regulate sebum production and stimulate blood flow to ensure healthy hair follicles.

The nourishing, plant-based ingredients contained within both Chloe Zara Hair Silk Hair Balm and Hair & Body Perfume Oil, including cacay seed oil, kakadu plum, murumuru seed butter, sweet almond oil and aloe vera, work to improve overall scalp health while ensuring the proper functioning of hair follicles for glossy, healthy and strong hair.

“This scalp rejuvenating treatment is a perfect addition to a salon blow wave where lots of heat is applied to the hair and scalp much like a skin facial, its deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising process is greatly beneficial to the hair and scalp. Having this as a luxurious treatment by a salon stylist is the ultimate self-care,” says founder Chloe Zara Munro, of her newest offering.

The practice

Greeted by my ultra-friendly stylist, Viv, who talked me through the process of the Chloe Zara Hair Scalp Facial, explaining that it follows similar steps to a regular facial exfoliation, hydration, nourishment and protection. I was already familiar with the Chloe Zara Hair range, but Viv kindly reminded me of each product’s merits before leading me to the basin for my facial to begin.

I’m putty in a stylist’s hands the second they put their fingers to my scalp, and Viv started by brushing my hair with a wide-toothed comb to detangle any knots and gently remove any build-up on my scalp. A quick rinse followed, although she assured me you can perform the scalp facial on dry hair should you wish.

Next, she dropped a few pipettes of The Hair & Body Perfume Oil on my scalp, raking her fingers through my hair to ensure every inch was well-covered. She repeated this process a few times using the oil, then began painting on the Silk Hair Balm with a tint brush, to cooling effect.

Now came my favourite part the massage. Starting at the nape of my neck, she used both hands simultaneously to work her way up to my crown, using a combination of gentle pinching, rolling and pressing motions to stimulate circulation and activate muscles in my scalp, whilst removing debris and excess product build-up. She repeated this pattern several times, which was especially heavenly when she reached my temples kneading them lightly upwards and outwards towards the tips of my ears.

I can’t quite remember much from this point onwards as I was unconscious, but I came to when she began combing the product from my scalp to my ends, ensuring each strand was generously coated in the nourishing ingredients contained within each product.

The final touches at the basin were a double shampoo with the Silk Hair Wash, followed by Silk Hair Condition over both scalp and hair to seal the hair cuticle for ultimate shine.

Back in the chair, Viv spritzed my hair with the Glossifying Hair Mist (it boasts heat-protectant qualities and defends against the effects of hot tools and UV rays) before drying my hair thoroughly and styling 90s blow-out curls with a hair straightener. A few drops of the Hair & Body Perfume Oil finished off my look.

The place

M11 Studio, 11 McColl St, Newmarket. Ph (09) 320 1579.

The price

$65 for the standalone in-salon Scalp Facial Treatment at M11 Studio, or from $120 when added to a blow wave service (pricing varies depending on hair length).

Otherwise, you can DIY your scalp facial from home with the Scalp Facial Kit, $185, which includes a full-size Hair & Body Perfume Oil, Silk Hair Balm and Everyday Comb. See

The verdict

As someone with a penchant for haircare, I often struggle with product build-up on my scalp. Couple this with the fact that we’re on tank water at home (hard water can be especially drying on bleached hair) means finding the right products that cleanse my scalp while nourishing my mid-lengths and ends is a mission.

One of my favourite parts of my bi-monthly salon visits is the tension-melting scalp massage I’m treated to at the basin, so when I learned that one of my favourite haircare brands was offering an in-salon experience that was entirely massage focussed, I was intrigued.

Viv mentioned my scalp would feel more “plump” post-treatment. I didn’t understand exactly what that meant until she unwrapped my styling cloak. Much like facial massage stimulates blood flow to your face, her expert scalp massage technique achieved a similar effect.

My scalp had been thoroughly cleansed of the styling products I’d subjected it to, and the best part was my blow dry lasted two days longer than it would usually. My hair felt glossy and hydrated, not oily and weighed down.

I was lucky enough to walk away with a DIY treatment of my own, so when I’m short on time I’ll certainly be treating myself at home once a month to ensure the proper health of my scalp and hair.

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