The Hailey Bieber Glazed Doughnut Manicure Is Done. Here’s What To Try This Winter Instead

By Ashleigh Cometti
Go boldly this winter with a mismatched manicure, created here by Tabitha van der Westhuizen from Dune Nails. Photo / @Dune.nails

The weather may be dreary, but your manicure should be anything but.

With winter solstice only just in our rearview, there’s a solid stretch of winter still ahead of us. The perfect antidote to cooler climes, a bold manicure is an excellent reminder that brighter days are coming.

While glazed

Whether you’re looking for a new go-to nail polish hue, or some inspiration to bring to your next nail salon appointment, this season’s trends deliver.

While classic shades of nude, red and black will always have their place, Loan Kuklinski, senior nail artist at Inco, says a number of guests are leaning into bright, fun colours to lift the winter mood. “Guests are slowly starting to get more adventurous with mixing tones and trying art which we love,” she says.

For what’s hot in nails now, beauty editor Ashleigh Cometti tapped four nail technicians for the looks we’ll be wearing for the rest of the year. Spoiler alert: Expect plenty of rich colours, playful designs and fun, three-dimensional textures.

The New Clean Girl Aesthetic

“The Hailey Bieber glazed doughnut manicure is slowly making its way out of the picture but has definitely inspired these new ways of creating clean aesthetic nails,” says Tabitha van der Westhuizen of Dune Nails. The trend, which was originally dreamed up by nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, has given way to plain, rich hues come winter, think bold reds, dark emerald greens and deep navy.

Strawberry Milk

If you prefer to keep your nails shorter, Satomi Nakamura of Satomi Nails says milky, translucent colours are the look du jour. “More people appreciate good, precise cuticle work and nail structure. Simple, neutral nails which make clean cuticles shine are very popular,” she says. A follow-on from the glazed doughnut nails, milky nails call for a semi-sheer wash of white or pinky-white colour, which draws attention to your nail beds and makes them look smooth and even-toned.

Artistic Accents

Highlighting the micro, Tabitha says this trend is all about playing up your personal aesthetic with subtle, mini moments on a single nail. Think playing card symbols, a little baby yin and yang, or tiny, delicate herbs, she says. A painter by trade, Tabitha uses her background to play around with colour and develop new techniques for nail art.

Micro French

For Daria Glubokova and Daria Mayorova, best friends and co-owners of The Nail Story in Auckland, clients are eschewing tradition and requesting variations on French manicures. In place of the usual white tip, bright or neon hues help add a little personality and visual interest to an otherwise classic nail design.

Mix & Match

Mismatched manicures are having their moment. Tabitha says it’s time to get playful with clashing designs and contrasting colours. “When it comes to having art on nails, the uniformed placement of art is out the window and having each nail do its own thing whether it be different colours, different shapes or different placement of the art is far more appealing,” she says. If the thought of having 10 different designs adorn your digits has you feeling giddy, dip your toe in the trend instead with something subtle. In the salon, ask for a sheer base with chrome detailing that isn’t in the same positioning on each finger, and different placements from one hand to the other for a fun, negative space moment.

Textured Nails

It may be a popular pick amongst Dua Lipa, Lizzo and Rihanna, but multi-dimensional nail art isn’t reserved solely for A-listers. The more is more rule certainly applies here, and Tabitha says the textured nail trend is equal parts chaotic and playful. “Elements of chrome, gems, textural blobs placed in a way that looks chaotic but in deliberate placement for an eye-catching composition of each nail and then all nails as a whole,” she says. Prefer to go the subtle route? Try a texture against a clear or plain-coloured base, Tabitha says.

Aura Nails

The Barbiecore aesthetic has brought with it a new twist on aura nails, the glowing ombre design which shot to popularity in 2022. Now, the design is predominantly including shades of bright pink and bold peach. It’s not hard to DIY, either, use a small sponge to stipple the colour in the centre of the nail to create that blushing effect, before applying a top coat to lock in your design.

The Long & Short Of It

As far as nail length and shape is concerned, Tabitha says a few key styles are currently in vogue. “The short square has made a major comeback. For those with medium-length nails, a softer almond is more popular than a pointy one, and as for long nails, the elongated almond is still dominating over the stiletto and square,” she says. It’s worth noting that not all styles will suit everyone, and Tabitha heeds its best to stick with shapes that suit their hands and nail beds. “Not everyone can do a short square and not everyone can do almond or a coffin shape,” she says.

For Daria and Daria, many clients prefer a certain length depending on the nail colour they choose. “Usually with nude colours ladies love long nails. And for short nails, they usually go bright or dark,” the pair agrees.

Cuticle Rescue

The key to making your manicure last? Caring for your cuticles with cuticle oil. It’s especially important in winter, Satomi says, when skin is prone to dehydration and dryness. Not only this, but hydrated cuticles will help boost the longevity of your mani, Loan agrees. “Introducing a cuticle oil to your morning and evening routine will maintain the health and hydration of your nails, prolonging your mani,” she says.

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