A Day In The Life With Fluidform Founder Kirsten King

By Ashleigh Cometti
Fluidform founder Kirsten King.

Dust off your hairbrush, clean up your brushes and crack open that special lipstick — it’s Viva Beauty Week. Here’s everything wellness entrepreneur Kirsten King does, drinks and smooths onto her face during a jam-packed day.

She’s the force behind the Fluidform Pilates movement that’s amassed fans the world

In between raising her three daughters, conducting private classes, holding meetings with her team and checking in on one of her many Fluidform studios, somehow Kirsten manages to juggle it all with aplomb.

Below, she shares her daily diary with us — from how she prioritises building her business after 11 years in the game, to her go-to lunch spot on a busy workday.


My mornings start before the sun comes up with some form of movement. A new challenge has started on Fluidform at Home so I’m starting the day with a 20-minute ab workout. It’s all the time I need to wake up the body and start my day feeling strong.


My (very simple) beauty routine follows and starts with a hot and cold shower — this improves circulation, helps with muscle recovery and energy levels. I wash my face and hydrate with the Rationale The Cleanser and The Créme, finish with SPF, some light foundation, mascara and something on my lips. At the moment I am loving the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment. And if I don’t have time to wash my hair in the morning, my Klorane Dry Shampoo comes to work with me (my best friend for days when I am working out!).


I prioritise drinking a litre of water and fuelling my body with a protein-rich breakfast while I am getting my girls ready for before-school tennis or swimming. Today is our Fluidform morning smoothie with a big scoop of Pearl Coconut Collagen.


First coffee of the day from my local coffee shop.


I’m teaching a private class at Fluidform Surry Hills. Our flagship studio is next door to our head office, which allows me to teach and work through the day. Teaching continues to inspire and challenge me — it influences my programming for Fluidform at Home, keeping everything real, authentic and relevant.


Second coffee of the day and a ginger shoot for a natural immune boost. I’ve added a Lypo-Spheric vitamin C sachet.


Team meetings. Today we are working on a special project that focuses on teen Pilates. This is based on my personal experiences as a mother to three young girls. It will be available on our app to inspire and educate young people on body awareness, core connection and confidence.


Instructor training at Fluidform North Bondi. Our newest addition to the Fluidform family of studios will open this month with a unique focus on private and studio Pilates, with hot Reformer classes and infrared sauna recovery offerings.


I’ve stopped for lunch at Bills in Bondi for their soba noodle salad while I prepare for my next meeting. Lunch is always fresh and protein-packed to get me through the afternoon.


More meetings.


Back to work with a Loco Love chocolate. It’s salty and sweet and full of superfoods.


Afternoon pick-ups. Today I am between tennis and dance practice. It’s important to me they [Kirsten’s three daughters] make time for physical activity — it shows a level of commitment and develops a sense of body awareness I believe is essential for growing humans.


Finishing the working day with a Reformer class at Fluidform Clovelly. I try to get around to the studios as much as possible. It allows me to connect with the instructors and maintain a level of presence among the clients. They each have their unique, special communities.


Picking up dinner from my local grocer. Tonight is a Mediterranean pasta from our Fluidform app. I’ve saved it to my favourites as we have this one on rotation.


Mornings can be a little chaotic in the King house so evenings are kept relatively commitment-free to allow time together. My husband and I wind down by watching a new Netflix series. I’ve made a pot of Glow tea from Orchard St with a few squares of our Fluidform healthy chocolate bark I made on the weekend.


I finish the day with a podcast in my Sunlighten Infrared Sauna. I aim for two lots of 40-minute sessions each week. I find this helps with my muscle recovery, especially after training days with my instructors or filming for Fluidform at Home. It also allows me to switch off before bed, which has improved my quality of sleep.


A deep stretch and magnesium powder is essential before bed.

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