The Tinted Moisturisers, BB Creams & Serums That’ll Have You Covered This Summer

By Lucy Slight
Your face will enjoy these low-maintenance alternatives to foundation. Photo / Grace Gemuhluoglu

If last summer was anything to go by, 2023 is likely to be another long, hot one. With events back in full swing and masks no longer mandatory in most places, we can now go back to regular programming with our makeup too. But when the warm, humid temperatures hit,

If there’s one thing that will make all the difference to the longevity of your makeup, it’s switching up your foundation to a lighter option, to avoid the mix of high-coverage makeup and sweat clogging pores and looking cakey. Whether that’s a tinted moisturiser, BB cream, breathable foundation or a skin tint, there are myriad options to suit all skin types and coverage needs.

Skin tints are the newest formula in the foundation mix and are great for those who prefer a less made-up look, says Mecca’s head of artistry, Jennifer Horsley.

“A skin tint exists to provide enough coverage to even out the skin tone but leave the skin looking makeup-free and natural,” she explains. “Skin tints are more sheer than a tinted moisturiser and offer less coverage than a foundation, so feel super lightweight on the skin.”

A radiant, glowing finish will result from using a skin tint, but if you do need more coverage, choose a formula that’s right for your skin type and desired finish, whether that’s a tinted moisturiser or skincare-infused serum foundation. The beauty of these formulas is their buildability, so always start off with less and work your way towards more if you need it.

“If you have more of an oily skin, stay away from anything too dewy to avoid resembling a shiny bowling ball by the end of the day, or a sweaty mess in those humid climates,” says Jennifer.

Treat extra-coverage areas such as blemishes and under-eye circles separately, by going in with your concealer using the warmth of your fingers or a damp sponge. “Finally, finish with a powder to set your foundation, especially in your T-zone, and a final spritz of setting spray to hold your complexion in place.”

A setting spray can be applied both before and after your base to ensure longevity, while choosing either a hydrating primer (for dry skin) or mattifying (for oily skin) will help keep your foundation looking smooth and fresh throughout the day — and night.

This 3-in-1 water-infused tint combines hydrating skincare benefits with broad-spectrum SPF30+ protection and lightweight, radiant coverage.

Suitable for most skin types, you’ll find the light coverage, anti-pollution benefits and SPF protection ideal for everyday use.

As you can see, the foundation pigment is suspended in a hydrating, gel-textured serum, which combine to create sheer, dewy coverage when blended into skin. Hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, olive squalane and soothing allantoin are all included for their skin-loving benefits.

Designed to maintain the hydration levels in your skin throughout the day, this light-coverage tint operates on a unique catch-and-release delivery system, which keeps skin feeling refreshed. It’s ideal for humid conditions too, promising to keep skin shine-free all day.

Micro-droplet pigments are encapsulated in this ultra-light tint which is composed of 75 per cent water. It’s a lovely formula for maintaining a bare-skin look with an even complexion and radiant glow.

Another makeup/beauty hybrid, this foundation offers the benefits of a serum with the bonus of light coverage which blends easily for a luminous finish. The inclusion of 1 per cent hyaluronic acid keeps hydration levels healthy, too.

Fans of mineral sunscreen will be into this skin-perfecting tinted moisturiser, which is light enough to feel barely there while still providing enough coverage to create a more even skin tone. Its SPF properties are water resistant for 80 minutes, too.

If you’re into matte coverage, this serum foundation (which is available in 42 shades) could be your new go-to. It has more coverage than the other foundations featured here, but is buildable to allow for flexibility. Consider this a great option for summertime events.

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