There's a sign on a shelf at UNIO that reads 'Diamonds have been getting rid of headaches since 1867'.

"It's true," laughs goldsmith and owner operator of the Havelock North UNIO Goldsmith & Gallery, Bruce Jackson.

"After all, in 10 years time will your wife or girlfriend lovingly remember you for the food mixer you gave her?

"Definitely not."


The last 12 months at UNIO have been a whirlwind of rebranding, overhauling and experimenting for Bruce and George Williams from Black Dog Design, with the results now ready to be shown off.

Bruce says the word 'rebrand' gets thrown around a lot in the jewellery industry.

"Most of the time it's just to freshen up their offer with a new logo declaring they've undergone the process.

"What UNIO Goldsmith & Gallery have done in the past 12 months is the perfect example of a true and carefully considered brand overhaul. We looked at larger aspects such as identity while also homing in on everything from email sign-offs to imagery."

The revised UNIO Goldsmith brand features a sleek new colour scheme, fresh typesetting and new point of sale materials. It also has a striking new logo, with a funky U and n, i, o inside of it, to create something more in line with high fashion brands.

"It's unique - just like our bespoke jewellery," Bruce says.

"I have been in business now for 14 years and the thing I really love the most about it is being part of the story behind a beautiful piece of jewellery.

"I like the story that goes with repurposing grandmother's ring to create a legacy that will be treasured for years to come.


"Talking to customers and taking their ideas and making unique and luxurious quality jewellery is what it's all about."

And don't be fooled, all you men out there. According to Bruce, whether you know it or not, you are the ones that spend the money. "If you want to get into someone's good books come and see me," he laughs.

Bruce has a fantastic sense of humour and according to Liezel Whitaker, a silversmith Bruce is tutoring, is kind, generous and a master of his trade.

"I wouldn't have known where to start without him. He has given me guidance and a place to show off and sell my work at UNIO. I consider myself very lucky," Liezel said.

Bruce enjoys being part of the Village business hub. "There's a great vibe in the village. People from all over the Bay and beyond come and shop here."

Along with the rebrand UNIO has reduced its collection.

"Insights, both from stockists and consumers, established that the overall offer was far too broad so we have thinned our collection to bring focus and clarity to the offer, as well as a complete redesign of the brand's visual identity to articulate a more mature, sophisticated and luxury centred proposition."

Bruce describes the rebrand as "refreshingly relatable, smart and knowing better than to take one's self too seriously". It's witty and playful while keeping with Bruce's uncompromising attention to detail, design and production value.

"We are very established as a fine jewellery brand in Hawke's Bay and we believe we are up there in NZ in terms of manufacture, quality of design, uniqueness of design, and the fact we are locally made, which is very rare."

Bruce Jackson, Unio Goldsmith & Gallery, Havelock North.
Bruce Jackson, Unio Goldsmith & Gallery, Havelock North.

Bruce is thrilled with the input from Black Dog Designs by George Williams and the reaction from customers.

"This represents a significant step forward for future growth and development of the brand.

"It is about getting the message across in the Bay that we are an incredible company. If you know about us or if you don't, come and look at our offering and look at how we've rebranded. We are here to stay and we are serious about our craft."

• UNIO Goldsmith & Gallery, 7 Village Court, Havelock North. Phone: 877 6072