More than four tonnes of minced venison has made its way to Rotorua from the South Island.

Volunteer group Kai Rotorua received 4250 1kg portions of the meat and will work with local organisations to ensure it is distributed to families in need.

The venison came from Meat the Need, a charity that supplies meat to those doing it tough. The meat is donated by farmers, processed, packed and delivered to those most in need.

Rotorua councillor Fisher Wang, who is on the Kai Rotorua committee, said the donation was more than welcome following Covid-19 and the nationwide lockdown.


"Venison is a really nutritious, lean meat and normally seen as a more pricey, upmarket type of protein. With Covid-19 and unemployment, we're really starting to see the effect of the lockdown and the pandemic on the community.

"This will be able to provide this protein for them so they don't have to worry too much about putting food on the table. The meat is usually the expensive part of groceries and with minced venison the options are endless, they can make it into whatever they like.

"Now, we'll work with a number of organisations and entities around Rotorua to help distribute the meat to those who need it. It's a lot of meat so the logistics are quite complicated to make sure everyone who needs it gets a share."

Kai Rotorua members out helping the community. Photo / Supplied
Kai Rotorua members out helping the community. Photo / Supplied

Other sections of the community came together to ensure there was no cost for Kai Rotorua in storing the venison. One Foundation covered the cost of hiring a freezer container and Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology is allowing it to be stored on-site until the meat is distributed, covering the cost of powering it in the meantime.

"I think it really shows the community spirit and the willingness of people who may be better off or not suffering the effects as hugely as others, to support those in need.

"It's everyone working together to make sure the benefits can reach as far and as wide as possible."