Bay of Plenty Indians player Neeraj Kumar made hay while the sun shone over Taupō in the latest rounds of the Lakelands T20 competition.

Kumar scored 193 runs over the two rounds on Saturday including a century in the second match of the day against Trident.

BOP Indians consolidated their position on top of the table alongside Our Backyard Pub Central who also picked up two wins.

Goldendeep Singh Brar hit a delightful 116 in the Strikers XI win over Tokoroa admirably supported by Sunil Bist with 57. In their first game of the day the Strikers took care of Taupo Cossie Old Boys B by nine wickets, Bist again chipping in with 59 not out.


After a first-up loss to Central, Rotorua Lions bounced back to beat Generation Homes Lake Taupo by eight wickets, AJ Hettiarachchi top-scoring with 62 not out.

Lokesh Gahlan was the star of the day for Central scoring 46 in the first game before a unbeaten 49 off 25 balls cruised Central to a nine wicket win with 12 overs to spare against Geyser City Reserves.

It was a tough day for Geyser's academy team, the Mavericks, going down to BOP Indians and Olds Boys A but individual performances still shone through including four wickets to Cohen Stewart over the day plus a well crafted 31.

Logan Andrews also picked up four wickets against Olds Boys.

Trident picked up a good win over Lake Taupo, Shane Baillie the standout with 39.

Round 7:
Taupo Cossie Old Boys B 127/3 (Jelly 56, Craig Corbett 32*) lost to Strikers 11 128/1 (Sunil Bist 59*, Roshan Kumar 43*)

Rotorua Lions 120/10 (Samantha Silva 20, Sam Lund 3/14, Zachary Hall 3/17) lost to Central CC 160/6 (Lokesh Gahlan 46, Allan McMurdo 29, Krishantha Kumarasiri 3/33)

Generation Homes LTCC 75/10 (Abhi Gupta 27, Lochlan White 3/11, Brent Jones 2/4) lost to Trident High School 114/7 (Shane Baillie 39, Brent Jones 25, Kamaldeep Negi 2/16)


Geyser City Mavericks 94/10 (Brad Pandy 19, Ridham Sharma 5/7, Aayush Silwal 4/21) lost to BOP Indians 223/5 (Neeraj Kumar 91, Jasvinder Singh 67, Cohen Stewart 3/26)

Taupo Cossie Old Boys A - Bye

SWCA Tokoroa Senior Men's vs Geyser City Reserves - no result supplied

Round 8:
SWCA Tokoroa Senior Men's 130/7 (M Walmsley 26, J Sandhu 22, K Hall 21, Asfal Musthafa 3/17) lost to Strikers 11 227/4 (G Brar 116, Sunil Bist 57)

Trident High School 104/10 (Harry Jones 40, Aayush Silwal 2/7, Sahil Chahal 2/22) lost to BOP Indians 200/4 (Neeraj Kumar 102, Umesh Moraji 27*, Harry Jones 1/21)

Generation Homes LTCC 118/6 (Abhi Gupta 23, Krishantha Kumarasiri 1/20) lost to Rotorua Lions 120/2 (AJ Hettiarachchi 62*, Samantha Silva 25*)

Geyser City Mavericks 96/6 (Cohen Stewart 31, Crispian Stewart 22, Craig Corbett 1/8) lost to Taupo Cossie Old Boys A 173/6 (Simon Smith 46, Sam Bunny 34, Logan Andrews 4/20)

Geyser City Reserves 93/7 (Kerry Hingston 33, Ben Fraser 3/8, Paul Wyllie 2/24) lost to Central CC 96/1 (Lokesh Gahlan 49*, Viren Patel 31*)

Taupo Cossie Old Boys B - Bye

Points Table:
BOP Indian - 65
Central CC - 65
Taupo Cossie Old Boys A -45
Strikers 11 - 60
Rotorua Lions -35
SWCA Tokora Senior Men's -25 awaiting result
Geyser City Mavericks - 15
Generation Homes LTCC -15
Taupo Cossie Old Boys B -10
Geyser City Reserves -20 awaiting result
Trident High School -35

Draw for Saturday November 16:
Round 9:
Our Backyard Pub Central v Tokoroa @ Boord 3
Geyser City Mavericks v Generation Homes Lake Taupo @ Boord 2
Taupo Cossie Old Boys 2 v Trident High School @ Boord 1
Strikers XI v BOP Indians @ Neil Hunt Park 2
Taupo Cossie Old Boys 1 v Geyser City Reserves @ Neil Hunt 1
Rotorua Lions - BYE

Round 10:
Geyser City Reserves v Rotorua Lions @ Neil Hunt 1
Generation Homes Lake Taupo v Tokoroa @ Boord 3
Taupo Cossie Old Boys 1 v Taupo Cossie Old Boys 2 @Boord 1
BOP Indians v Our Backyard Pub Central @ Neil Hunt 2
Geyser City Mavericks v Trident High School @Boord 2
Strikers XI - BYE