While many people are still getting over Christmas Day, New Zealand's best streetstock drivers will be making their presence felt on the Paradise Valley Speedway track.

This weekend Rotorua's Paradise Valley Speedway is hosting the Independent Security New Zealand Streetstock Championships for the first time since 2006.

Paradise Valley Speedway secretary Sonja Hickey said when the street vehicles, modified to include roll cages and bumper bars, took to the track on Friday and Saturday, spectators should expect the unexpected.

"This championship doesn't come round too often. It's more popular in the South Island, but it is good to watch. They do have bumpers and they do use them, they do lots of spinning and when they do hit it causes a bit of chaos.


"You never know what's going to happen, especially when you have 26 cars on a track the size of Rotorua it's really good to watch."

There are 47 drivers signed up for the championship. They will be split into three groups to race in heats after which the top eight from each group will qualify for the final, along with two drivers from the repechage.

There is a good chance of a local driver stepping up for the win after a Rotorua trio filled the podium at the North Island Championships recently. Steve Dryden, who lives in Invercargill but is contracted to Rotorua, and Mike King, of Ngongotahā, finished first equal and had to race in a four-lap runoff, which Dryden won to take first.

Rotorua's Chris Shingleton managed to sneak onto the podium by one point ahead John Young who was fourth.

"We do have some real talent there in our locals and they're in good form," Hickey said.

Last Independent Security New Zealand Streetstock champion Brenden Gooch, of Gisborne, will also be lining up to defend his title.

Friday night will also include ministocks, six shooters and production saloons. On Saturday the superstocks and stockcars will be in action, as well as the Bay of Plenty Modified Championship.

Hickey said the timing of the event was ideal for families looking for entertainment between Christmas and New Year.


"It's going to be a really good couple of nights. We generally try to target this time when people are looking for somewhere to go in the evening and that usually works well."

Independent Security Streetstock Championships Groups
December 28-29

Green Group
Jamie Lott 3NZ, Darryl Washer 4S, Cody Gooch 6G, Chris Shingleton 9R, Ben Yeoman 16B, Blair Castleton 21K, Daniel Black 22I, Glen Shepherd 56B, Mike King 58R, Shaun Kingi 75G, Tim Towler 95B, Cheyanne Reed 116S, Ben Jenkins 345D, Brooke Petersen 428C, Luke Steadman 747R, Richard Bracken 848R.

Blue Group
Brenden Gooch 1NZ, John Young 6S, Aaron Wilton 9W, Dan McNally 21C, Shayne Melling 23B, Jared Verdoner 25D, Simon Bland 31V, Steve Dryden 33R, Dwayne Putt 57R, Alan King 59R, Warren Whittaker 61K, Dave McSherry 62C, Matt Blinkhorne 93S, Philip McNamara 99B, Richard Kettle 888S.

Yellow Group
Sean Gooch 9G, Stephen de Malmanche 11R, Daniel Curran 12K, Jesse Helm 21D, Brent Redington 46B, Paul Blinkhorne 56S, Todd Neal 75A, Daniel Bouzaid 77W, David Hampton 88G, Ivan Hill 93C, Jesse Pollock-Houston 94B, Steve Reed 119S, Matt Petersen 433C, Dale Stewart 757R, Shane Bracken 858R.