There will be thrills, spills and speed with two of Rotorua Bike Festival's iconic events back this year.

Organiser Chris Newson says the Redwoods Coast involves pushing your bike to the top of Nursery Rd, where people will be let go one at a time to coast downhill (not pedalling).

He says some will cruise all the way down the hill while others will get up to 70km to 80km an hour.

The winner will be the person to get as far as possible without pedalling.


Chris says the Redwoods Coast is a great family entertainment activity, where anyone can give it a go and it is great for spectating and competition.

He says it has a degree of adrenalin to it and that with the backdrop being the Redwoods it, "doesn't get any better than that".

It is also a great event for a laugh because people tend to dress up and do crazy things to their bikes to get an edge, he says.

"It's been my favourite since the start of the festival all those years ago because it's a wacky event."

He says there will also be trolleys and people on tandem bikes.

Chris says the Bike Speedway event is similar to the likes of stock cars, with two to four people racing each other around an oval.

He says it is another simple, fun and easy-to-do event which was fast paced.

"I've been a huge advocate for people on bikes in the community for a very long time.


"I'm passionate about cycling myself. It's a great way to get fit, spend time with friends and see the country."

He says biking is also great for the environment and economy, and that the list of benefits for cycling outweighs any cons you can think of.

Chris says the festival is a good way to get people into the city and see what Rotorua has to offer.

For more information on the events and the festival's programme go to or the festival's Facebook page.

The details:
- What: Bike Speedway
- When: Saturday October 20
- Where: Waipa Mountain Bike and event area
- Cost: Gold coin

- What: Redwoods Coast
- When: Monday October 22, 4.30pm to 7.30pm
- Where: Carpark on Longmile Drive outside the Redwood Visitors centre