Rotorua's Blake Evans is a 14-year-old with the need for speed.

Blake recently joined the likes of New Zealand racing legend Nick Cassidy, becoming one of the youngest winners of the Formula First Winter Series. Previously known as Formula Vee, Formula First is a class of racing which many of New Zealand motorsport's stars began their racing careers in.

The winter series comprised 12 races held over four weekends and Blake topped the podium in seven of them, including a three-win clean sweep in the final round at Mansfield Circuit earlier this month.

He endured a tough summer with mechanical issues preventing him from racing at his best, but once he got everything sorted he showed what he can do.


"It was a really good feeling and it was really cool to be able to go out and do that after a rough summer. I think I just kept my head down and stayed focused during the series, I didn't focus too much on the end goal, just took it race-by-race."

Blake started racing in karts when he was 6, after growing up riding quad bikes at home. His mum Leah Evans was involved with Project KPH, a motorsport-focused charity, so Blake and his brother developed a keen interest in motorsport at a young age.

"We had a go in a kart at Te Puke one day and I really liked it so I got into it. It's what I really love doing and you get a real rush out of it."

Depending on track and weather conditions the Formula First cars can go close to 190kph.

"Racing is a real thrill, it's hard to explain but you get a real buzz from it, it never gets old. I could do 1000 laps of the same track, on the same day and still not get bored.

Blake Evans has the need for speed. Photo / Supplied
Blake Evans has the need for speed. Photo / Supplied

"I am a really competitive person, I'm competitive in everything I do. It's important to enjoy it too, but I like being competitive - it's part of who I am and it pushes me further to get the best result possible. Obviously, keeping it fun is a big part of it, but winning is pretty fun."

Next up for Blake is the 2018/19 Hi-Q Components NZ Formula First Championship, kicking off at Manfeild Circuit on October 20 and 21.

"That's the focus at the moment. I am feeling pretty confident in my driving and pretty confident in the car, which is obviously a good thing to have going into the series."


He said his ultimate dream would be to be a professional racing car driver.

"Getting to do what you love for a career would be really awesome, it'd be cool if I was able to do that. You get to travel the world doing what you love as a career, but not many people get to have that opportunity, it'd be amazing but I just have to take it one step at a time and see where it takes me.

"I have some Kiwi idols like Scott Dixon, he's a really talented driver, and people like Scott McLaughlin, Richie Stanaway and Nick Cassidy. They're all guys doing well overseas and really flying the flag for New Zealand, they're showing it's possible."

Racing is not a cheap sport and being entirely family-funded so far means Blake is often at a disadvantage against other drivers who receive other forms of funding.

To really take his racing to the next level he is actively seeking sponsors, ideally a local business, to help ensure he makes the most of his abilities.