Central North Island (CNI) coach Rex Jenkins believes the host team could secure seven titles at the New Zealand Boxing Championships which begin in Rotorua tomorrow.
 "We're looking not too bad," Jenkins said. "The senior ranks are good and whoever wins a senior title this year will deserve it ... I'd be very happy if we get seven golds, nine is probably out of contention."
Seven golds would represent one of the best medal hauls by the team which represents the Rotorua, Tauranga, Taupo, Tokoroa and Whakatane areas.
The 20-strong CNI team went through their final paces on Sunday at Rotovegas Gym.
It was their third camp in recent weeks and fighters spent time sparring and working on their combinations and technique with the region's best coaches and trainers.

Tauranga heavyweight James Emmerson is the No 1 ranked heavyweight contender while David Aloua Rogers is another Bay of Plenty chance. Rotorua's Joel Masters will also be in this grade.
Jenkins said there are some good local chances in the junior and youth ranks with a couple of "dark horses" also.
The Warren brothers: Tyrone, Kane and Ricaia, Simon Nicol and David Faataape are among the junior and youth boxers Jenkins considers good enough to fight and win titles.
Caleb Moruhur, Shannon McSkimming and senior Chris Hodgson are some of the local "dark horses".

Hodgson will fight in the congested middleweight division with CNI teammate Denny Kota.
The CNI team has carved out a proud record at national level since it came into existence about 30 years ago. There have been 26 senior champions out of the wider region between 1979 and 2007 and many junior winners.
The first of those big titles went to senior lightweight Michael Sykes, a winner of three, in 1979 while Colin Hunia picked up five between 1983 and 1994. In 1997 Robbie Walker won the Jameson Belt, awarded to the most scientific boxer, at the nationals.
No senior titles were won by CNI at last year's nationals. This will be the third time CNI has hosted the New Zealand Championships with the last in 2006.
This year's New Zealand championship is set to be the biggest for some time with 112 fights on paper and 45 of those elite or senior bouts.
It's understood an extra session may be required during the three-day event to work through the fight card.

The first day is Thursday with two sessions of bouts (2pm and 7pm). There are two sessions again on Friday (2pm and 7pm) and the finals are scheduled for Saturday from 6pm.
Admission to Thursday and Friday sessions is $10 while entry is $20 for Saturday's finals. A season pass to all sessions and finals is $50. Children 14 years and under are half price.
For further details contact Geoff Kenny at gkenny.cars@xtra.co.nz or (021) 962-202.

* Central North Island team for New Zealand Boxing Championships in Rotorua from October 8-10, 2009:
Cadets: David Faataape (36kg), Ricaia Warren (40kg), Shannon McSkimming (42kg), Simon Nicol (50kg), Caleb Moruhur (75kg).
Junior: Blake Hignett-Stephens (57kg), Tyrone Warren (60kg), Lance McSkimming (60kg), Kane Warren (66kg), Chassey Moana-Jenkins (69kg).
Elite: Tetsuya Takahohashi (57kg), Darwin Canning (69kg), Joseph Ottesen (69kg), Denny Kota (75kg), Chris Hodgson (75kg), Joel Marsters (91kg), Zane Marsters (91+kg), Troy Collins (91+kg).
Female: Tama Kuru (60kg), Reene Moore (60kg).