In these trying times, there are many very lonely people tucked away inside their homes.

In August 2015, when the photo attached was taken, the museum was open, tourism was booming and the Government Gardens were a hive of activity.

We would never have imagined that a little under five years later, the museum is in a long-term shutdown, tourists have gone and the Government Gardens are almost deserted.

As the nation fights the Covid-19 virus, the poppies are missing and Anzac Day memorial services cancelled.


Street side remembrance will replace official services and I am sure the poppy kite will find a way to take part.

Stand strong, we will manage our way through these unusual times.

Ray and Rosemary McCully

You're not alone, even if you feel it

A home can provide shelter, warmth, and comfort, it may also become a prison to [those] who live alone.

Loneliness comes in many guises and when the neighbour's fence is too high, to the distance between you is too great, or the kids too far away - then loneliness becomes a festering sore.

If you do have friends, neighbours or anyone you may suspect of being alone, you can't visit during lockdown, but you can push a letter into their mailbox, give a phone number or just a few words of encouragement - ask if they are okay and give your name and phone number.

Not much, but if you are sitting huddled around a heater or TV set then it is very comforting to know someone cares - you will not be a stranger, you will be a friend.

After all, we share this life whether we want to or not.


Jim Adams

Count your blessings

I wonder if the couple complaining of being let down by our Government after being stranded in Peru (News, April 18) realise the complexities of this issue?

In my view they should be counting their blessings that they are safely home now and in comfortable isolation.

To arrange their return home to New Zealand would have been difficult, entailing much organisation and collaboration from other countries involved in the travel arrangement.

I would be warmly thanking our Government.

A N Christie