Waitangi celebrations

It seems Rotorua no longer celebrates Waitangi day.

Rotorua has become a sad place when we can no longer celebrate and remember Waitangi day together, one of the most important days in our history with fun, free or koha events.

I called into the council to double check and, no, nothing is happening. When I suggested that it would be awesome to have a multicultural event to celebrate all our people, one of the ladies said "not likely to happen." I have just made a phone call to Whakarewarewa village as they used to have a celebration that we could all take part in but that stopped about two years ago because of funding issues. They hope to be able to get funding to run next year.

If you are a swimmer, a cyclist, a runner, or fond of opera yes, Rotorua has it for you. If not, we have to go to Taupō for their Waitangi Taupō Moana festival or Tauranga for a dawn service and the Tauranga Moana Waitangi day festival, to celebrate our national day.


Good on you Rotorua Council, you have forgotten your ratepayers and residents yet again.

Come on Rotorua, get with it and let's celebrate before we forget what this day means to us all and no, it's not just another paid day off work.

Trish Bailey

Helping the homeless

I'm not trying to give a reason for living on the streets. Some do by choice, most are forced into it or find themselves in that situation through decisions they have made in the past. Who am I to judge? But I would say the Government should get their own house in order before they give tens of millions of dollars away overseas. It is a blight on our society.

I was in Napier last week and I bought a pair of sandals. Being a Scotsman I brought the old pair out with me, and, as I was walking along the street I noticed a homeless guy in genuine need - not like some that are on the dole and go home to the Mrs for a hearty meal and a warm bed. I put my hand in my pocket to see if I had any money to give him, so I carried on walking.

I got to the end of the street still thinking about this guy, then I thought why didn't I give him my old sandals? So I backtracked and found him. When I handed the sandals over the biggest smile you could ever imagine erupted on his face and a parting thank you. It meant a lot to him and me too. I don't mind giving to a person in genuine need but the other lot can go for a flying jump.


Gavin Muir


Gavin Muir
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