Winston Peters is partly correct. Close the Rotorua Racecourse but only from its present site. There are only 10 events on their website for the coming season. Surely not enough for a vibrant industry.

In my Spatial Plan submission to the council almost a year ago I suggested moving it.

I recall even talking to them about it. Why not to a flood plain? And establish a multi-equestrian sports park.

Much better than putting houses on it - and make sure all the facilities that could be damaged are above flood level. Stabling shared, events in the centre of the course? Space to expand and ample parking.


Then perhaps a design competition for urban planners, designers and engineers for repurposing the existing racecourse for medium/high density housing. To me it's a perfect location.

Walkable/cycleable to the CBD for hospitality and other tourist venture staff.
Ideal for elderly people needing a level route to town.
Possible geothermal district heating.
Wastewater treatment and electricity on its doorstep. Why not photovoltaics on every roof with Unison controlling a common energy storage system?
Sensitive cultural perspective and perhaps some community gardens.

Come on council, put a smile on Damien Radesic's face, embrace KiwiBuild ideas and let's have a win–win solution.

Roger Loveless

Dumping related to cost

Well, nothing new here (Local News, September 5). We have had illegal dumping going on for years but there has been an increase since the introduction of wheelie bins.

One issue is you can only fill your bin to its maximum so no room for overflow, whereas in the old days you put it in another rubbish bag. Problem solved.

And it didn't cost the earth to buy another bag from the supermarket.

Council infrastructure general manager Stavros Michael suggests asking a neighbour or family member if you can you use some space in their bin.

Rubbish is being dumped because there is not enough space in wheelie bins and the cost of getting to the dump, and using the dump, is too high for a lot of Rotorua people.


In my view, the council created this problem and it does not suit the demographics of our town or its people and I believe it will only get worse.

Should a camera be installed at the top of Mountain Rd to at least deter would-be dumpers or at least film their activities?

Maybe we could put large wheelie bins on the cycleway in Hinemoa St for locals to dump their rubbish? I'm sure the lone cyclist who uses it could weave his or her way through them.
Barry Grouby