While I feel empathy for Sam Sutton, I feel more for the Ngongotahā residents who suffered so much loss during the recent flooding.

The lake level was very high and the water had nowhere to go.

People whose livelyhood depends on the Okere Falls area, have to take it on the chin, or find another business option.

The rivers and lakes environment and more importantly the peoples health and safety must be prioritised.


Kevin Marriner

Change is good

A change of principals in our schools is something that should be encouraged (Local News, August 21).

Schools are ever-changing environments which need fresh thinking and ideas.

In the business world there is a view the chief executives should serve between eight and 12 years.

Schools are big enterprises and should look to continually refresh and evolve their leadership, including principals and deputies.

It's good to see change. There are schools in Rotorua which have leadership that needs refreshing.

It seems in some schools the Boards of Trustees are too close to the principal and deputies.

Change is good for students and parents.
Philip Macalister

Bird song blossoms
This season the blossom has come some three weeks early to cherry trees in the Tree Trust at Tihi-o-tonga.

The tui know this and there some 200 tui entertaining visitors with their cacophony of chortles, songs, coughs, and posturing and chasing.

A truly entertaining and fascinating spectacle worth visiting while the blossom lasts.
Brian Gore