If I had no other reason to dislike the Rotorua Lakes Council then the closure of the night shelter would be sufficient.

This is about as inhumane an act as any council could impose on its citizens.

Sleeping rough in this weather is not funny. It is degrading, unhealthy and, in my view, takes away one's will to live.

There is no justifiable reason to deny these unfortunate people a warm dry place to stay at night.


In my view, the churches are continually refusing to acknowledge their role in the scheme of things, so it is up to the council.

I am sure the vast majority of ratepayers in Rotorua want to see the shelter opened - regardless and if the shelter did need more work done on it then it is the council's responsibility to do the work quickly in our name.

Councillors, many of us will be sure to remember what you do come the next election. (Abridged)

Jim Adams

Lack of sympathy
Again our council has shown its total lack of sympathy and an inability to appreciate a situation.

Instead they quote agreements and rules to flex their muscle and power to dominate because an ordinary citizen dares to defy them.

Well done, in one fell swoop you have justified my faith in my judgment in not voting for any of the current sitting councillors - Raj Kumar and Peter Bentley excepted.

The council says it was Tiny Deane's decision to close.

That is so but perhaps that is because they have forced the issue by a lack of urgency in changing the designation of the building in question coupled with threats of $200,000 fines.

I also noticed our inspectors have been checking to make sure nobody was asleep.

What a joke! Surely a "night" shelter is for sleeping.

Again I didn't cast my vote for any of you apart from the two I mentioned above and I hope the rest of the Rotorua ratepayers do the same at the next election. (Abridged)

Ray Byford

Loss of services
So. The die is cast. No more central PostShop. No apology to the Rotorua community either. Ignore the criticism.

Just more limited service.

I would like to know the thoughts on this closure from the mayor and the council.

Also what have our local Members of Parliament done about it?

New Zealanders are fed up with the loss of government services, hence the new Government pouring funds back into the regions.

A disgraceful decision from NZ Post.

Wayne Hall