Homeless problem

Chriss Taylor makes some valid points regarding using marae to house the homeless (Letters, June 4). However, why should caring for the homeless be something tangata whenua should have to fix?

There are plenty of golf clubs, rugby clubs, community centres and halls that are empty. Why not suggest opening those to the homeless?

Indeed, perhaps you could show me where "our Government gives out big payments to iwi" – my observation is that the only time this happens is from Treaty settlements.


As a pakeha and a ratepayer I am very happy that our council has the compassion to support our most needy.

Ian Guy

Education 'the key'

I've experienced a fair few racist remarks in my time, mainly Pākehā to Māori (because most of my friends were Māori). I would stick up for them growing up in Taneatua, Galatea and Murupara, which would land me in a bit of strife at times.

You always stay loyal to your friends, that was back in the '80s and '90s. Times have changed now, things have gone full circle in the opposite direction and everybody just seems to have excepted it as being the done thing.

I know Māori have their grievances which are genuine and a fair bit of bloodshed spilt in the past but the country is trying to right the wrongs with fair compensation (Treaty of Waitangi).

Nobody can turn back the clock and change the past but never forget where you came from.

In my opinion Māori have to change their mindset from being the victim; I know it's easier to stay the victim, but as you all know hard work gets you everywhere in life.

Māori elders have done a fine job negotiating with the Crown, now it's the youth's turn to take full advantage of their hard work and remember education is the key to any door.

Gavin Muir