I was taught from an early age that whenever disaster struck to not jump to conclusions as to why and whom to blame, but to wait for the findings of those who can seek the truth through investigation.

Rotorua has suffered a blow with the death of an innocent citizen, struck down by a falling tree. Sadly in a very short time since that event I have needed to listen to, or to read the words of, some people who are already seeking to apportion blame.

In the main, they seem to be prepared to blame our council, and are insisting on council inquiries that are to be honest and transparent. As if an inquiry could be anything less, as they will be conducted under the eyes of our police and coroner. And words such as accountability and compensation have been used as if the guilty verdict has already been announced.

Sadly, and I hope that I am wrong, there seems to be a whiff of politics in their comments. It would be most unfortunate for the death of a valued woman of Rotorua to be degraded by those who seek to profit, even in a small way, from her death.



Dunne on dope
Two weeks before the last election, Peter Dunne decided to step away from politics - but not to stop talking about them.

His latest comments regarding cannabis (Rotorua Daily Post January 10), sound like a rear-guard justification for doing nothing while he was Associate Health Minister.

New Zealand has a long history of cannabis use so how much longer does he think we need in order to understand the short and long-term effects?

If his concern is large corporate manufacturers, then decriminalising rather than legalising would make sense. Too much time has already been spent by governments sitting on their hands over this issue.