It never ceases to amaze me that cyclists can be so hypocritical. They complain that they are treated badly by car drivers, but they show a complete disrespect for the welfare of pedestrians.

As a person who walks every day, I am constantly encountering the ignorance of cyclists who have a sense of entitlement and who show no consideration for people walking. They zoom along at a rate of knots, passing you within inches, and zip in and out as they please. This places all pedestrians at risk and as in many case, risks the walkers' accompanying dogs.

No one seems concerned about the risk to pedestrians even though the accident rate for them is higher than for cyclists.



Roundabout sculpture

Could Karen Hunt please explain to us why she thinks the middle of an already obscured roundabout is the best place in Rotorua to place a sculpture for the few that want to view it?

Why does she think it would enhance the already existing beautiful view we have for visitors and locals entering Rotorua.

Also Karen, who is going to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the sculpture? Do you think it is appropriate Karen that our hard earned rates money is to be spent on a luxury item of this nature? Should it not be spent on providing more bus shelters for the elderly, mums and children? Or more rubbish bins at bus shelters? Our struggling voluntary organisations could use some financial assistance. Or clean up our lakes. Or how about reducing our parking costs?

Art is appreciated by few, and of these few, they all have personal tastes, so how many people are you pleasing with your art installation? If there are enough like-minded art lovers, why aren't they fundraising to install a piece of art somewhere in town that people can walk and bike around to really enjoy it? If they choose to. Not in our faces if it is not our choice.