For 32 years, two of Rotorua's walking groups have enjoyed taking their members to Hamurana Springs. The membership of both these non-profit making groups, namely Walking with Joy and The Rotorua Strollers, comprise over 60 people, virtually all of whom are senior citizens with several into their 80s and a couple into their 90s.

What a shame that this beautiful walk will no longer feature on our respective programmes in 2018 due to the charges that are now in place.

On behalf of Walking with Joy and The Rotorua Strollers

Under the flight path
With the start of the "silly season" we old folk, who seek a quiet afternoon doing the things we folk do in order to try and beat the slugs, rain, birds and other critters in order to get some vegetables, fruit and whatever from the garden - try and enjoy the days between the inclement and the clement weather in that little patch of green pensioners call "The Summer Garden"!


Unfortunately, there are some who do not enjoy the benefits of peaceful enjoyment, their idea of a summer's day is to fly helicopters and other noisy craft overhead, especially over the area of Fairy Springs and Kawaha Point - these areas appear to be right between the place where flights start and end!

To add insult to injury they don't fly at 30,000 feet as do passenger jets, these annoying little craft stay as close to the ground as possible.

We have, in the past, received assurances that this practice would discontinue, but another human frailty is short memories!

Now for the sake of the other gardening types who live along this flight path, could we please have a little consideration and understanding and a different route be chosen?


Looking for birthday twins
As part of a personal project about turning 40 I am looking to interview (via email) as many of my 145 Kiwi born "birthday twins" as possible. These are people born on the same day, month and year as myself - September 21, 1978.

If this is you then please email Rebekah at for more information. Thank you.